Car Wax For Sealing

Washing, cleaning, caring & sealing

Waxing and sealing paint

These carnauba waxes not only make your paintwork shine but also provide a deeply reflective surface, offering a whole new definition of "shine." The paint surface is given a long-lasting, natural wax seal. Our car waxes are still handcrafted in our manufactory and filled into containers can by can to this day. The high-quality and complex wax formulations preclude industrial production.

"The Art of Composition"

Carnauba waxes are not a new concept. Waxes made from 100% carnauba wax were already being produced in the 19th century. However, their drawback was their lack of durability, as 100% pure carnauba wax could be rubbed off with just a bare finger. The Swissvax secret to exceptionally long-lasting carnauba formulations lies in blending carnauba wax with other waxes, fruit oils, and producing them over several hours through double-walled microparticles (a process known as microencapsulation).